More information on Microsoft’s Live crackdown

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 27, 2008

Since I heard that Microsoft was cracking down on Xbox Live cheaters I’ve had mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong, cheaters are a plague on the gaming world and should be taught harsh lessons. I fully support what Microsoft is doing to them, however, it’s the no-appeal aspect that has me worried. Fortunately we have a little more information on the subject today.

For those worried that they may get unjustly labeled as a cheater, hit the jump for the official word from Microsoft.

We only correct gamerscores for players who meet the criteria 100 percent. Like the vast majority of Xbox Live members, if you earn Achievements by playing through games like any other player, then you have nothing to worry about. Gamerscore correction only applies to players who use external means or avoid game play to earn Achievements..

While that statement does make me feel better, it still boils down to them saying “trust us,” which can be a bit scary. I’m sure that their algorithms are pretty tight as far as what will get flagged as ban-worthy, and as long as there is a fairly large amount of criteria that must be met in order for someone to be banned, I would hope that they keep the amount of unjustly banned accounts down to zero.

Sure, there is always room for failure, and I’m sure that soon the interwebs will be flooded with people crying foul play on Microsoft’s part, however, I would venture to guess that the majority of them will just be people angry at Microsoft for catching them in the act.

[via Newsweek]

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