More HTC / Facebook Phone Details Emerge

Earlier today we reported on the rumored Facebook phone being developed by HTC. The device is said to have Facebook's color scheme and branding and be focused around the Facebook news feed.

Now BGR has been tipped by a man claiming to have been part of the focus group for a device that matched the description of the Facebook phone. Based on the questions he was asked, we can assume that a few things are at least being seriously looked at for inclusion in this new smartphone.

-Location-aware coupons that push to your phone when you are near where you can actually use them.

-An always-on GPS service that runs in the background and shares your info with friends / apps like the coupon thing. There are some disturbing privacy implications there, but I doubt most buyers will care.

-Very little, if any, local storage. Everything is in the cloud.

-There will be a camera, but it will upload straight to the cloud.

-The phone will include a news ticker notification system that pushes all of your different accounts into one mass inbox.

[Via BGR]