HTC Facebook Phones tipped for MWC 2011

HTC is reportedly set to launch two new Facebook-branded smartphones at Mobile World Congress next month, running modified versions of Android and supporting Facebook voice calls and IMs. According to CityAM's unspecified sources, the HTC Facebook phones will use the social network's color scheme and branding, and push the Facebook news feed – complete with messages – to the smartphones' homescreen.

According to the sources, Facebook team members Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos are primarily responsible for the phone project. However, CTO Bret Taylor has recently insisted that Facebook's primary focus for 2011 will be mobile, though he did not confirm any specific handset plans.

The news contradicts previous reports which suggested Facebook was working with INQ to turn the Cloud Touch into the official Facebook phone. While neither HTC nor the social network has confirmed the rumors, they do fit in with information SlashGear has previously been given regarding at least one HTC-made, Facebook-branded device which is expected to have a hardware QWERTY keyboard.