More batches of hand sanitizer recalled over methanol risk

A new recall warns that several batches of hand sanitizer may contain methanol, putting those who use the products at risk of methanol poisoning. This is the latest of several recalls from the past year involving undeclared wood alcohol in hand sanitizer products, an issue that contributed to shortages earlier this year.

The FDA highlighted the new recall, which comes from Shane Erickson, Inc., covering three lots of wash-free hand sanitizer sold in various container sizes. The product names involved include 'imc Wash-Free Hand Sanitizer, 'Wash-Free Hand Sanitizer,' and 'Thrifty White Pharmacy Wash-Free Hand Sanitizer.'

The products were distributed in 50ml, 100ml, and 300ml sizes (depending on product name); the lot numbers, manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and UPCs can be found on the FDA's website here. The recall notice also contains images of the products' labels.

As with past recalls involving potential methanol in hand sanitizer, affected consumers are told to stop using the products and return the items if desired to the place from which they were purchased. The company says it is arranging to have all of the recalled products returned from retailers and distributors.

Methanol poisoning can result when someone is exposed to too much wood alcohol, the consequences of which can be severe or deadly, including blindness, seizures, and nervous system damage. As well, issues like nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, and headache can occur. Anyone who accidentally or intentionally ingests the products are at the greatest risk, the recall notes.