More AMtek T200 info: old age explains anaemic specs

Tablet manufacturers AMtek were at CeBIT this year, flaunting their T200 iTabletWarner Crocker and Hugo Ortega were quick to point out that the T200 is no spring chicken; in fact Hugo has had one – in the shape of the original TabletKiosk Sahara – for over two years.  What's interesting (and, I suppose, CeBIT worthy to AMtek's mind) is that thanks to a recent bios update you can now upgrade the T200/Sahara to Vista, which was previously impossible.  Never one to shy away from a challenge (or an opportunity to flaunt himself to the camera – looks like Kevin Tofel has some competition!) Hugo has filmed the full Vista upgrade: these naive eyes it looks like now that TabletKiosk have advanced the Sahara range AMtek (the manufacturer) is now free to market the T200 themselves.  I told you I was naive; Hugo tells me AMtek have no plans to directly market the T200, and TabletKiosk remain the distributor and the people to contact if you're interested in getting your hands on one.  Thanks for the tip-off, Hugo!TabletKiosk i215 Sahara Slate – SlashGear [Uber Tablet]