Mophie Pulse To Bring ViviTouch Haptics To Your iPhone, iPod Touch

Rue Liu - Jul 12, 2011, 5:58 pm CDT
Mophie Pulse To Bring ViviTouch Haptics To Your iPhone, iPod Touch

Your iPhone and iPod touch may soon become the ultimate portable gaming machine with the Mophie Pulse case featuring ViviTouch haptics technology. The new case promises to bring “bone-shaking” vibrations and “pulse pounding” stereo sound that transfers what’s happening in your games into a more immersive experience.

The ViviTouch haptics technology is more advanced then typical motor-driven haptics implementations. Instead of feeling your device either vibrating or not, ViviTouch delivers a broad spectrum of vibrations that can even seem to travel across the screen. For instance, a pinball bouncing off a wall will feel a certain effect very different from guns shooting in a game. Also, different guns selected in a game could produce different effects as well.

It converts electric energy directly into movement and even uses 70 percent less battery power. Developers do not need to use the ViviTouch API to generate vibrations, instead the audio energy from a game is converted to recreate different effects. However, the API is available if Developers want to optimize their games for ViviTouch.

The Mophie Pulse case will bring the ViviTouch technology to your iPhone and iPod touch and it reminds us of this neat gaming case concept minus the extra game control buttons. No exact release dates have been revealed, but it said to be coming soon.

[via Kotaku]

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