mophie juice pack connect slides a wireless charger behind your phone

mophie has pretty much flooded the accessory market with an abundance of choices to keep smartphones from dying while away from a power outlet. The usual power banks require dangling cables or that you place your phone down on a wireless block. mophie's juice pack cases offer more portability and no downtime at the expense of having a battery always stuck to your phone. Its latest trick is to combine the best of both worlds with the juice pack connect, letting slide a wireless power bank on or off as you need it.

Power banks or portable batteries have come in all shapes and sizes but a slowly growing trend seems to be the rise of wireless portable chargers. The way that wireless charging works, however, means that you need to keep the phone and power bank close to each other. Often that involves laying it down on some desk which, in turn, means you can't use it at the same time or even carry it around.

mophie's solution is almost genius in its simplicity. With the juice pack connect, the wireless charging block slides onto an anchor that sticks to the back of your phone. Simply push a button on the battery to begin charging your phone wirelessly and slide it off when done. The system works with or without an existing case wrapped around your phone and the wireless charger can itself be charged wirelessly as well.

Of course, that does imply that you'll have a thin block of plastic semi-permanently attached to the back of your phone. To make good use of that piece, the juice connect system includes a phone grip that you can slide on while not charging. That grip also doubles as a stand for more convenient video watching.

The mophie juice pack connect will available sometime this month and will retail for $79.95. The wireless charger is compatible with any Qi-enabled phone, be it from Apple, Samsung, Google, and more. Sadly, the charger, anchor, and stand only come in black so it may not match well with some phones or cases.