Mophie H2PRO makes iPhone 6 (nearly) everything-proof

Mophie has unleashed a new case for your iPhone 6. Yeah, I know, they have cases for the iPhone 6 already, and the phone has been out quite a while — so who needs another case? This one is different, though. Called H2PRO, this one falls under Mophie's Juice Pack range and brings you complete waterproofing and a battery backup that can charge your iPhone from dead (and then some). Currently up for pre-order, the H2PRO will set you back $130.

The H2PRO promises "ultimate protection against all elements", and Mophie might not be overselling it. The 2750mAh battery can charge your 1810mAh iPhone 6 battery from dead to 100% and then some.

IP68 waterproofing brings all-over protection to your iPhone 6, and also rebuffs dust and other foreign objects. The case has been tested to a depth of 1.2 meters for 30 minutes.

If you're worried about durability, don't be. H2PRO meets Military Standard 810G for drops and other potentially damaging situations. According to Mophie, it'll withstand drops up to 1.2 meters as well as shocks and vibrations.

All over protection might have you wondering about Touch ID, the screen itself, as well as the buttons around the edges. Mophie says the case has "a flexible, scratch-resistant membrane that is compatible with Touch ID and still allows full use of the phone's touch screen. Integrated mute switch, volume and lock buttons complete the pass-through design allowing total control of your iPhone 6."

If you're interested, Mophie is currently taking pre-orders with plans to ship the H2PRO later this month.

Source: Mophie