mophie charge force fixes Galaxy Note 8's biggest flaw

If you don't mind, or maybe even love, Samsung's "Experience", formerly TouchWiz, skin, then the Galaxy Note 8 might very well one of the best smartphones of 2017, save for one problem. Well, two actually. First is, of course, the $1,000 price tag. The second is the fact that it even has less battery than the Galaxy S8+. If that is the only thing keeping you from the stylus-toting phablet, then mophie might have the solution in its new charge force casse and charge force powerstation mini.

Cases with batteries are nothing new. Cases with detachable batteries have been repeatedly done as well. In a way, the new mobile charge force for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is like that, providing the smartphone a protective case but offering an emergency battery backup when needed.

It does, however, do one thing somewhat differently. mophie takes advantage of the Galaxy Note 8's wireless charging capabilities. So instead of occupying the USB-C port and blocking the headphone jack, the optional charge force powerstation mini simply sticks to the back of the case and charges it wirelessly.

The charge force powerstation mini is a small, Qi-compatible 3,000 mAh battery pack that is advertised to extend the Galaxy Note 8's battery life to up to 33 hours. It uses magnets to attach to the Galaxy Note 8 with a charge force case, keeping the case itself whole, flawless, and, most importantly, slim. When you don't need to charge, simply remove it and go on with your life.

The mophie charge force case costs $49.95, which, by itself, already gives your precious $1,000 phone some much needed protection. The mophie charge force powerstation mini costs another $49.95, bringing the total cost to $100. If you want a more traditional battery case, there is also a new mophie juice pack for the Galaxy Note 8 selling for $99.95.