Mophie announces iPhone 5 juice pack air, offers 1700mAh battery

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 25, 2013, 9:37pm CST
Mophie announces iPhone 5 juice pack air, offers 1700mAh battery

Mophie has announced an expansion of its product offerings with a juice pack air sleeve for the iPhone 5, giving owners of Apple’s latest handset an extended battery option. With this device, users who are often on the go and find themselves in situations where recharging their phone is not possible or inconvenient have a way to keep the device going a few hours longer.

The iPhone 5 juice air pack offers a 1,700 mAh hour battery, with the amount of time it provides in additional usage depending on what the handset is used for. The breakdowns it gives are as follows: talk time and video playback time both clock in at an additional 10 hours, audio playback (with the screen off) comes in at 40 hours, and Internet usage comes in at 11 hours over Wi-Fi and 8 hours over 3G.

Mophie’s Vice President of Marketing Ross Howe offered this statement: “We have spent months designing, engineering and testing a complete juice pack family of products, dialing in the details to make the user experience flawless from the moment the consumer puts the case on their iPhone 5. Introducing juice pack helium was an exciting way to launch, and the swift release of juice pack air should be an indicator to mophie and Apple fans alike that we still have a lot of innovation for the iPhone 5 up our sleeve.”

The juice pack air is activated by flipping a switch, and boasts a body that is 10-percent thinner than the last air design. The device utilizes a proprietary design with pass through buttons for simple access to the handset’s controls. The battery sleeve is available in white, red, and black, and is priced at $99.95. Available from

[via morphie]

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