Mophie announces $79 Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5

Craig Lloyd - Feb 5, 2013
Mophie announces $79 Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5

Mophie is known for their popular line of Juice Pack battery pack cases that give users an extra boost of juice when their iPhones get low on battery. For the first time, though, the cases are coming to the iPhone 5. Mophie announced the Juice Pack Helium today, which will give iPhone 5 owners 80% more battery life.

What makes the Helium stand out from the rest of the pack is that it’s simply not just a ported version of the previous Juice Pack cases for the iPhone. The Helium is a redesigned case that’s 13% thinner than past iterations. The battery inside is a 1700mAh battery, which is smaller than the 2000mAh pack in past cases, but the thinner design easily makes up for the slight loss.

The extra battery will give iPhone 5 users six additional hours of talk time, internet use, and video playback, as well as up to 30 hours of audio playback. It sure beats having to carry around a separate battery pack with you, and while the iPhone 5’s thinness is one of its greatest qualities, the slightly added bulk of the Helium will give users a bit more to grab onto.

The $79.95 case is available to order now for “loyal customers” only, but we were able to add it to our cart without a problem, so we’re guessing that anyone can buy it at this point. The case will come in dark metallic and silver, and will begin shipping starting February 14, with the silver version shipping sometime in March. The new case is available on Mophie’s website.

[via MacRumors]

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