Mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging mat promises no device is left behind

In the past, competing over limited wall sockets was something you'd only see in cafes and airports. With each person owning multiple devices these days, one sometimes has to compete with family members or even one's self. That's easily solved by extension cords and whatnot but that leads to a messy and sometimes dangerous tangle of wires. Mophie's newest solution is to give almost every device its own spot in its latest 4-in-1 Qi wireless charging mat.

Many people today have one or two smartphones, a smartwatch, and one or two TWS earbuds. But even those with only one of each will probably have family or housemates that may appreciate having a place to lay down the gadget to charge without tripping over cables or fighting over power outlets. Admittedly, multi-device wireless charging mats are a dime a dozen these days but Mophie's newest addition has a few tricks up its sleeves that makes it more interesting.

For one, the surface has markings that take the guesswork out of where to place a phone. And with multiple charging coils, it will almost be impossible to get it wrong. The charger supports any phone or any TWS earbuds case as long as they adhere to the Qi wireless charging standard.

The other trick is an extra USB-A port at the back. In addition to charging yet another USB-powered device, it can also charge an Apple Watch with the special Adapter that Mophie includes in the box. Of course, that only works for Apple Watches but the USB port can be used to connect any other smartwatch charger anyway.

The mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging mat is, in truth, a 5-in-1 wireless charging mat. You can get one now from, ZAGG locations, and authorized retailers for $149.95 only.