Moonlight speakers with color-change LEDs inside

James Allan Brady - Jan 22, 2008

Check out these speakers that double as ground lighting for your event or party. They have color changing LEDs and look like Moons, if you will, when they are on the white LED. And the sound, from the speakers, its projected out in a 360 degree range instead of just wherever its directed.

The speakers inside aren’t too shabby, power wise, being able to handle between 120-200 watts of power. These are apparently being targeted at night clubs, so you can probably expect a night club price to go with them, but they could go in any room as long as you went with the smaller spheres.

The larger spheres definitely require a high ceiling in order to not look out of place, but it would be interesting to have all 6 points of your surround sound system sitting in front of you on the floor. The polyethylene shell is also weatherproof so you can place them outside if you really want to, and they would definitely be some of the most attractive out door speakers I’ve ever seen. No word on price, you have to contact the company, but I presume they are available now.

[via ubergizmo]

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