Fan-favorite iPhone game free right now for iOS and Android

The game Monument Valley 2 usually costs around $5 USD, and it's been selling for that price since launch several years ago. Given its massive success as one of the most popular aesthetically pleasing games of all time, Monument Valley 2 needn't cost any less than it did at launch. But here, nearly 3 years after launch, this still-fantastic game has gone temporarily free for most users.

This game hasn't expressly been made free for COVID-19 / coronavirus quarantine, but given its current standing in the top-10 puzzle games in the Apple App Store, one could make the connection. Sending this game out as a free gift to the masses right now is downright smart. Below you'll find this game's initial launch trailer from all the way back in November of 2017. In the time between then and now, this game earned itself a significant number of awards from all sorts of sources.

Nex you'll find an awesome making-of video from the folks who created Monument Valley. This team, called USTWO Games, shows the methodology used to create the game, the tools used to craft the game, and information on the graphics. This game is a passion project, to be sure.

This game has a lovely original game soundtrack, featuring songs like the one you hear in the video below. This song was constructed by musician Todd Baker.

Next you'll see the same song as shown above (CHILD), this time performed live. The band you see performing this sons is called Lydian Collective. This warm and soothing soundtrack should serve to relax your brain at this particularly stressful time in history.

The game Monument Valley 2 can be attained for zero dollars over at Google Play for Android devices and for your iPhone or iPad on the Apple App Store. If you're using an Android device, you'll need Android 4.4 or higher – which shouldn't be an issue if you've got an Android device released in the last several years.