Montana Radio Shack offers free gun with Dish Network purchase

If you live in a rural area where the local cable company has a junky cable line up odds are you have moved on to satellite service so you can get all the channels that your local company lacks. Even some folks that live in urban areas with lots of channels still opt for satellite service. Satellite is one of the most common alternatives to cable today.

A Radio Shack store in Hamilton, Montana is offering a different kind of promotion. Anyone who buys a Dish Network satellite system from them will be eligible to get a free gun. No, it's not a video game gun for Wii or the PS3, this is a real gun. The promotion offers the buyers either a 20-gauge shotgun or a Hi Point 380 pistol.

The store offering the promotion doesn't just hand out the firearms. The person has to undergo a background check and they get a gift certificate good for the purchase price of the gun at a local gun shop called Frontier Guns & Ammo. If a gun isn't their thing, they can alternatively get a $50 Pizza Hut gift certificate. Store manager Fabian Levy said, "We're not just giving guns to felons."

[via CNET and Ravalli Republic]