Monster Turbine Pro headphones debut

Monster is a well-known name in the audio and home theater market with all sorts of gear from cables to power conditioners and surge protectors. Monster also offers a full line of headphones for different uses. Today monster has announced a new set of headphones called the Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers.

The headphones promise to be the first in-ear headphones to deliver reference-quality sound needed to meet the demands of music pros today and audiophiles. The headphones retuned to create a personal listening solution with impact, power, and performance.

Monster is also unveiling a new ear tip design along with the Turbine headphones that is called the Super Tip offering superior noise isolation. The Super Tips with the Turbine Pro headphones come in small and large. Monster also includes its traditional ear tips for users who don't like the new ear tip design. The headphones sell for $299.95 or for $329.99 with the Monster ControlTalk cable.