Monster Tricycle Is 8 Feet Long, Features 6 Solar Panels

From New York artist Josh Hadar, this three-wheeled bike measures in at 8.4 feet in length, and features a carbon steel frame. While tricycles may not be the most attractive ways to move around your city, it would be hard for anyone to ignore this monster tricycle going down the street.

The eco-friendly tricycle features a Mars Electric motor, which provides it with 6.4 horsepower. Hadar says that the tricycle can make it up to 30 miles. The front wheel is measured at 20-inches, while the pair of rear wheels take the cake at 26-inches. But, just having an electric engine wasn't enough for the designer, so he also included six solar panels onto the motorized vehicle, which should help on keeping you charged while you're out and about.

[via GearLog]