Monster tie up Lady Gaga for distinctive Heartbeats headphones

When you've tapped the hip-hop knowledge of Dr.Dre for your headphones, where do you go next?  If you're Monster, you sketch out an endorsement deal with interestingly-clothed Lady Gaga, who then designs you a set of in-ear headphones – the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, no less – which look like tiny meat tenderisers.

The result pairs Monster's admittedly useful flat, tangle-avoiding cable with some ear jewellery that requires more than a little flair to pull off.  They come with multiple ear-tips and a travel case, and according to the company – never ones to shy from hyperbole – "the amazing hit of the deep bass ... pitch perfect highs and lows."

Frankly we're more keen on the Dr. Dre beats tour in-ear headphones, which have paled into looking almost nondescript in the face of these glistening Gaga trinkets.  Available in October 2009, the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga will be priced at between $99.95 and $149.95.