Monster SuperStar BackFloat Review: the best waterproof bluetooth speaker yet

The Monster SuperStar BackFloat speaker is a simple concept – it pumps out the jams while it floats in water. Water to which it is resistant. You can toss it in the pool and not worry about it exploding, shutting down, or otherwise being wrecked. While the price isn't something you're going to want to pay for your everyday average speaker this size, what you receive is immense: reliable, full sound in a package that wont sink when you toss it in the drink.

This speaker is waterproof with an IP6 rating. That means that you can keep it underwater at a distance of 3-meters with a pressure of 100kPa, or 100 liters of water per minute. It's been tested for at least 3 minutes of total immersion. It's not made for your scuba party, but it's certainly prepared for your summer beach outing.

The only thing you need to watch out for is this flap on the side. You MUST keep this flap closed. Don't plug it in with your USB to the wall and toss it in the water. Bad things will happen.

If you're in a completely dry environment, you can connect with a standard headphone-sized audio jack. Otherwise you're relying on Bluetooth.

With Bluetooth you can connect with any device that works with Bluetooth for audio – more than likely your Android or Apple phone. Your audio source can get up to 33-feet or 10-meters away from the speaker and continue sending sound at top quality.

Internal battery on this machine has lasted us weeks. We would be completely unsurprised if you brought this speaker along on a long weekend at the beach without needing to charge it up once.

The sound on this speaker is good – just so long as it's above water. If you've got the speaker under a faucet, you're going to get muffled sound. If your head is underwater and the speaker is either above or below water, you're going to get muffled sound. Don't expect miracles. This speaker doesn't have magical powers.

It does sound good. Certainly good enough for a trip to the beach or your bathtub or shower.

The Monster SuperStar BackFloat is also shockproof, just in case your tiny cousin decides they want to throw it to you like a frisbee and it bangs up against the rocks near your beach chair – no worries!

The Monster SuperStar BackFloat waterproof bluetooth speaker will cost you a cool $149.95 USD right this minute. You'll be able to purchase it online through Monster Products or wherever fine Monster audio products are sold, and it's available in "Neon Blue" or "Neon Green" – that's just the color of the logotype and ring in the center of the speaker, while the vast majority of the speaker is black.