Monster Hunter World's first big update introduces Deviljho, numerous improvements

Monster Hunter World becoming Capcom's most successful game ever means the game is seeing a lot of players right now. And these players are in for a treat this week as the developer has released its first major update for the game, one that's significantly bigger than the exclusive armor tie-ins we've seen so far. The free update, available now on PS4 and Xbox One, introduces the first new monster post-launch, as well as features a bunch of balance changes and improvements.

First up is the new monster, Deviljho. Veterans of the Monster Hunter series might recognize this name, as Deviljho has appeared in several previous titles, however its arrival in World sees it become a much more formidable opponent, even picking up other creatures in its mouth. Of course, what players will really be after are the new weapons and armor that can be crafted after defeating the giant green beast, of which there are plenty, while hunters at rank 50 or above will have access to a tempered Deviljho quest, with a much more difficult version of the monster.

On the balancing side of things, weapons like the great sword and sword & shield combo are seeing some damage increases, while others, such as the long sword, hammer, and gunlance are seeing improvements to their hitboxes, stun rates, and other attributes, along with bug fixes across the board. The (lengthy) list of patch notes are available on Capcom's website.

One of the best improvements, however, doesn't affect weapons, but instead eliminates the effect of ally attacks interrupting players from their carving after a successful quest. There is only a brief period when players are able to carve their prey — or collect their rewards from a defeated monster — and a pattern of griefing has developed since Monster Hunter World's launch where randomly matched players would use animation interruptions to keep others from grabbing their loot. Thankfully Capcom has addressed this with this update.