Monster Hunter: World gets one last beta before some great news

We're quickly closing in on the release date for Monster Hunter: World, but before that arrives, Capcom has one final beta test it wants to host. Monster Hunter: World has been through a couple of different betas already, and this upcoming test will offer all of the content from those previous tests. This isn't just a rehash of content we've already seen, as this final beta will offer a new boss fight that Monster Hunter fans will definitely want to check out.

Unfortunately, this beta is going to be limited to PlayStation 4 players, which has been something of a running theme through Monster Hunter: World's testing history. Though Xbox One players got to participate in a beta back in December, the first was exclusive to PlayStation 4. This third and final test, we're learning, will be no different in that regard.

In any case, if you've got a PlayStation 4, you're going to want to check this out, as the new beta will pit you against Nergigante. Nergigante is an Elder Dragon who's something of a big deal, as he graces the cover of Monster Hunter: World. He's big game in every sense of the word, and should serve to get Monster Hunter fans suitably hyped in the lead up to launch.

This new beta will take place just a few days before the game is scheduled to release. The beta runs from 6 PM Pacific on Thursday, January 18 until 6 PM Pacific on Sunday, January 21, with pre-loading beginning on January 17. Capcom also took the opportunity to reveal that the monster Deviljho will be added to the game in a piece of free post-launch DLC that will be available to all players.

Just yesterday, Capcom revealed that the PC version of Monster Hunter: World won't be arriving until sometime in autumn 2018. More specific details on that version's release will be coming up later, but as it stands, the PC version might lag more than a half a year behind its console counterparts. Monster Hunter: World launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 26.