Monster Hunter: World debuts Devil May Cry crossover event

It's only been a week since Monster Hunter: World received its second major update, complete with new monster Kulve Taroth, and the game already has something else for players to get excited about. While not quite as big a deal as an entirely new monster to battle, another of Monster Hunter: World's crossover events is live, this time feature Capcom's own Devil May Cry series.

This event has Monster Hunter: World players taking on a new quest that will allow them to craft the armor and sword of Devil May Cry's white-haired hero, Dante. The event quest is called Code Red, it has an eight-star rating with a Hunter Rank 14 requirement, and it tasks players with fighting four of the game's best monsters in the arena: Anjanath, Odogaron, Rathalos, and Teostra.

Each time the quest is successfully completed, the rewards will include a Red Orb, which is used to craft the Devil May Cry gear. Each of the five armor pieces requires one Red Orb, while the Devil Sword, which comes in the form of a Charge Blade, requires two. This means seven Red Orbs are needed in total for the full set, but in the end players will look just like Dante, complete with his signature sword swings.

The Code Red quest is available to all Monster Hunter: World players on both PS4 and Xbox One, however it goes away on May 3rd. Players will still get another chance at it, as it will return at some point in the future like the other Capcom crossover events, including Street Fighter and Mega Man.