Monster Hunter Rise version 2.0 update release date, new monsters revealed

As promised, today we received new updates about the Monster Hunter franchise, will Capcom detailing Monster Hunter Rise's version 2.0 update for Nintendo Switch. We were hoping that Capcom would reveal the release date for this update during its presentation today, and that's precisely what it did. The company also revealed a lot of the content that will be available in the update along with debuting a new trailer for it.

Right off the bat, Capcom confirmed today that version 2.0 will bring the Elder Dragon Chameleos back. It's been a number of games since we've seen Chameleos, so Monster Hunter veterans will probably be excited to see it return in Monster Hunter Rise. Since it's an Elder Dragon, you can probably expect a particularly brutal fight with Chameleos.

While Chameleos is clearly the star of this update given how much Capcom's teases and this announcement centered on it, we're actually getting two more Elder Dragons joining Monster Hunter Rise with this update. Teostra and Kushala Daora are also joining the Monster Hunter Rise roster in version 2.0, so if you wanted more of a challenge, it sounds like you're going to get it.

Capcom has also revealed that Apex Azuros, Apex Rathian, and Apex Mizutsune will appear in the wild now, so when you go out on hunts and expeditions, you should be prepared to encounter them. Apex Rathalos and Apex Diablos will also join the game as part of Rampages, so get ready to take on those two beasts as well.

In addition to the new monsters, version 2.0 will let players craft Layered Armor via Outfit Vouchers once they reach the Hunter Rank Cap. With Outfit Vouchers, you can craft Layered Armor versions of any armor set that's in the game, so if there's a particular look you like, you can have that without sacrificing the stats of higher-tier armor. In addition, Monster Hunter Rise will add downloadable Event Quests that can be played both online and offline and in some cases will award Layered Armor outright.

That's all of the content that's shipping in the version 2.0 update, which is going live later today at some point after 5 PM PDT. Capcom also confirmed today that Monster Hunter Rise's version 3.0 update will be landing sometime by the end of May, so we'll be keeping an eye out for more details on that.