Monster Hunter Rise is already a surprising success

The most recent game in the Monster Hunter franchise – Monster Hunter Rise – launched as a Switch exclusive last Friday, but it seems that exclusivity deal Capcom worked out with Nintendo didn't have a major impact on sales. Capcom today is celebrating a major milestone for Monster Hunter Rise, announcing millions of shipments in its first weekend of availability.

Specifically, Capcom revealed today that Monster Hunter Rise has shipped 4 million units worldwide. That figure, of course, represents not only the copies that were sold before release, but also probably some portion of the copies that were shipped over the weekend. Keep in mind that this is units shipped, not units sold, so the total number of sold-through copies might be lower than 4 million.

We're assuming that the quantity of copies sold is pretty close to that 4 million figure, though. Monster Hunter Rise has received some pretty stellar reviews, as it currently sits at an 87 on Metacritic. In addition to positive reviews fueling hype for the game, Capcom also published two demos before Monster Hunter Rise released, giving players a chance to test out some of Rise's additions before purchasing the full title.

For the time being, Monster Hunter Rise is a Switch-exclusive title, but it won't be that way forever. Capcom has also confirmed that will be coming to PC in early 2022, but beyond that, we don't have any details about when the PC version will launch. That vague release window is enough for us to know that Monster Hunter Rise will be exclusive to Switch for around a year, so we're guessing that many of the Monster Hunter faithful won't wait for the PC version to launch before diving in.

So, with one weekend in the books, it seems that Monster Hunter Rise is off to a very strong start. We'll undoubtedly hear more about the game's successes from Capcom in the future, so stay tuned for more.