Monitor Audio Airstream 10 WiFi DAB radio gets unboxed

Chris Davies - May 11, 2009
Monitor Audio Airstream 10 WiFi DAB radio gets unboxed

As curiously shaped WiFi/DAB radios go, Monitor Audio‘s Airstream 10 certainly takes some beating.  The bizarrely-kinked media player packs in digital and analog FM radios, together with cross-network MP3 streaming, and one of the first units has arrived at

It’s too early for a full review, but initial impressions of the Airstream 10 suggest the sort of decent sound quality that you’d expect from a high-end company like Monitor Audio.  As for the design, well, it prompts a few questions about which orientation it should be placed at: the layout of the display and controls would lead you to believe that they should face forward, but the silver knob is actually the aerial.

So, if you choose to have the display facing the front, you’ll also have to be careful not to stab yourself on the antenna.  Still, you could always bypass the radio altogether, and just stream MP3, WMA and AAC files over the integrated WiFi, or pipe your iPod into the 3.5mm line-in socket.  No news on pricing as yet.

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