Mongoose Studio Uses 12 iPods To Create Something Magical [Video]

When you've got a bunch of displays, the first instinct is to get them all as close as possible, and display one giant image. People do it all the time with monitors for their PC or gaming rigs, and they've even been used to demo all sorts of things around the world. When it comes to an iPod Touch, when you've got a lot of them lying around, it suddenly becomes clear that a 3.5-inch display just isn't good enough. That's where Mongoose Studio comes in.

Apparently the project they've had underway for a little while now is almost complete, and they're ready to show some of it off. Their hard work goes a long way to show that a cluster of 12 iPod Touch models makes for some very interesting things. For example, when you put something like the movie TRON on something you've been testing in the shadows, everyone's going to start looking.

They do showcase a clock, to make sure that everything is synchronized in just the right way, but that's not as perfectly as they'd probably like. In any event, it works well enough, especially considering the whole ordeal is run by a 13th iPod Touch. This other device runs the whole show, from the clock to showcasing the movie. No word on specifics, like how they get all that much shoved into one area, but it may be something like splitting the files onto the appropriate device, and then showing it off for the world to see. Check out the video below for your TRON fix for the night.

[via Engadget]