Money-Saving BanClock stashes your cash

There's never a short supply of alarm clocks that challenge the standard idea of an alarm clock and increase the potential to annoy you. But the Money-Saving BanClock literally puts price on snooze.

This alarm clock makes you insert a coin into it before you can turn it off or hit snooze. Apparently, you can save up a pretty penny this way, and the alarm clock will hold up to $25 in quarters. However, I can't imagine anyone willingly doing this each and every morning.

I mean, I would seriously start to resent this thing after awhile, wouldn't you? After paying $59.99 for the Money-Saving BanClock, you'd have to go to the trouble to keep money by your bedside just to wake up in the morning without the obnoxious sound drilling into your brain. Yeah, this doesn't sound like it's for me.

[via OhGizmo!]