Moment MagSafe accessories transform iPhone 12

The folks at Moment just revealed a whole bunch of MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12. They've opened up a whole new door. Moment is focused on camera action in everything they produce, so that's the starting point for this set of items – but the sky is the limit. There's a Moment Tripod Mount, Pro Tripod Mount, Cold Shoe Mount, Wall Mount, Car Vent Mount, and Multi Threaded Mount. And cases, of course – so many cases.

Moment made a whole collection of iPhone 12 Cases with MagSafe, in all sorts of colors. Moment's MagSafe cases have built in magnet arrays with MagSafe compatibility. They're protective enough to handle a 6-foot drop, yet thin enough to work with Qi standard wireless charging. They'll work with the M-Series Moment lens system (with included interface), and they're all able to work with the full Moment Mounts for MagSafe system, and they'l cost you around $50 USD.

The Moment Tripod Mounts for MagSafe cost either $40 or $50, for the regular or the Pro model. They all work with or without a case on iPhone 12, they wll work with Moment's own proprietary (M) Force magnet array (and grip pad) for "even more strength," and they mount to any standard 1/4" – 20 tripod.

There's a Multi Threaded Mount for MagSafe that'll cost you around $30. This mount is extremely interesting, as it's made to allow your iPhone 12 to attach to basically anything. As Moment suggests, "Magic arms, tripods, rig mounts, ball heads, you name it... we let you mount your phone to it with magnets."

Along those same lines is the Cold Shoe Mount for MagSafe, available for approximately $30 USD. As it is with the rest of the MagSafe accessories from Moment, this Cold Shoe Mount works with a proprietary (M) Force magnet array and grip pad. The cold shoe arm is adjustable for different size phones, cases, and the standard cold shoe accessory universe.

The two simplest elements are the Car Vent Mount for MagSafe, and the Wall Mount for MagSafe. The Car Vent Mount for MagSafe will cost around $30 and includes a rubberized press fit attachment to fit in your vehicle's vents.

The Wall Mount for MagSafe includes a magnetic mount for the phone, and a second mount for your wall. The wall piece has a bit of 3M adhesive so it'll stay stuck with great aplomb. The Wall Mount for MagSafe from Moment will cost around $20 USD. All Moment MagSafe accessories are on pre-order and are expected to ship in March 2021.