Moment for iPhone X photo case, lenses make the camera shine

An entire niche market of clip-on lenses grew out of the middling camera capabilities of smartphones past. With dual cameras, wide angle lenses, and advanced camera sensors, you'd think that market has become redundant. Not so, if you ask Moment, who has given that market a distinct flair with the Moment 2.0 Kickstarter earlier this year. Now it has announced a new photo case and new lens set made especially for the iPhone X, raising the already high photography bar even higher.

In a nutshell, what Moment offers is a protective case that lets you attach interchangeable lenses, but with a distinctive style. Those lenses include wide-angle, telephoto, superfish eye, and macro. Despite what modern premium smartphones today offer, they still can't match up to what a discrete set of interchangeable lens can give.

The Moment photo case, however, is more than just a way to attach lenses to the iPhone X. It also protects it while keeping the phone still slim and classy, especially when you opt for the wood texture accent on the back. It also has a place to put a wrist strap, which is essential for taking photos with peace of mind.

Moment also made Battery Photo Cases for older iPhones and Pixels, which combined the same functionality with an extra battery. That is still coming next year and, when it does arrive, it will be bringing with it Qi Wireless Charging capabilities.

The Moment for iPhone X photo case and lenses are now available for pre-order and can be purchased individually. The Photo case itself only costs $29.99, but the lenses range from $89.99 to $99.99 each. One important note about those lenses is that using them will naturally block out the second camera, which means you'll be giving up a minor bokeh effect to get a more splendid and professional-looking shot.

SOURCE: Moment