Mojo Mobility develops Near Field Power charger prototype

As more and more people have multiple mobile devices, it becomes more of an issue of how you'll keep your gadgets charged while on the go. But Mojo Mobility may have just come up with something that will put an end to your charging troubles that utilizes Near Field Power to charge up your devices.

The prototype is a metal plate that uses an electromagnetic induction method. The flat surface has coil areas that can transmit power. However, your mobile device would need to have a thin sheet of these coils added to their backs in order for a charge to occur.

The Mojo prototype can charge four items at once. It can offer up 70% efficiency for 2.5W o 4W of electricity. Pretty good! The company has already applied for numerous patents for Near Field Power technologies and the way to move forward now is for them to encourage manufacturers to include their tech in their products. Here's to hoping!