Mojang trolls Minecraft player with crude handle

When you choose a username in certain places — like Minecraft, for example — it's expected that you abide by certain decency rules. No crude or offensive names and such. Many people don't listen to such rules, of course, and so there are also word filters into place to weed out many of them. Humans are a creative lot though and so word filters can only do so much; many times offensive and crude names squeak through and enter into the wild, living on until spotted or tattled on. Such was the case with one Minecraft player who spent years playing with a particular crude name before getting hit with a light-hearted jab from Mojang itself.

The story was told on Reddit by Redditor "jessemoforice", who said that once when trying to log into Minecraft he or she was unable to remember his or her credentials. In a moment of misplaced anger, the user created another account with the crude username "MojangSucks****". He or she played with this username for years without issue.

A couple days ago, though, the player logged into his or her account and noticed that the handle has been changed to a new one: "NoWeDont", an obvious response to what the previous username was. The user included a little extra proof that it really did happen. Said the user, "I thought this was hilarious and I don't even mind because I actually enjoy Minecraft a lot."

As it so happens, the Mojang support agent who made the change — Marc Watson — chimed in on the Reddit thread, explaining what happened. He was looking for a user with a similar name because of a harassment report. That user wasn't found, but in the process Watson spotted the Redditor's own username and decided to change it.

SOURCE: Kotaku