Mojang launches Minecraft Reality for iOS

If you've ever caught yourself wishing that real life was like Minecraft, then boy does Mojang have the app for you. Developed primarily by studio 13th Lab, Minecraft Reality is a new augmented reality iOS app that allows you to drop your most cherished Minecraft creations into the real world. Do you particularly like that towering Pikachu pixel art you made with Minecraft blocks? Why not place it into the real world and see what it would look like if a giant Pikachu invaded New York City?

It's definitely a cool idea, but there's more to Minecraft Reality than simply seeing your Minecraft creations show up in the world around you. You can actually walk around them to view them from all different angles, and if your friends have Minecraft Reality installed on their iDevice, they'll be able to track down your creations and check them out too. That's made possible by the app's use of GPS tracking to remember where in the world you placed your creations, which is an awesome feature if you ask us.

You can resize the object before you place it, letting you make sure that it fits in with the surrounding well enough before plopping it down in the real world. The app also comes with a few pre-made models ready to be placed, so you can begin using this app right away even if you don't have anything of your own waiting to be uploaded. Speaking of uploading, players can head to to upload their own Minecraft worlds for use in the app. Check out Minecraft Reality in action below.

Minecraft Reality is available now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99 [download link]. The listing on the App Store says it isn't compatible with the iPod Touch 4G or earlier and that it most of the app's functionality isn't available on the iPhone 4, so keep that in mind if you're planning to buy. Do you think you'll be picking up Minecraft Reality?

[via Mojang]