MOGO Wireless cellular signal amplifier

James Allan Brady - Jan 4, 2008

So this device connects to either a USB power source or to a car power adapter (depending on which model you purchase) and amplifies any 800 and 1900MHz cellular signals that it receives. The end result is better cellular reception and fewer dropped calls, except this isn’t a Cingular commercial full of empty promises and lies, its actual technology, that from what I hear, works.

In case you don’t know what band your cellular provider operates on, its kind of dependent on your phone too, but between the 800 and 1900 MHz bands this thing offers you should get better reception with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, and Verizon, basically all the major carriers. And, like I said, its simple, now, if they could just come out with one of these for mobile broadband modems so I can get 3G on the go instead of 1xRTT.

So, the best part about this solution is that there isn’t a lot of hardware, the little antenna, the power adapter end, and then the cord that connects the two, and that’s pretty much it, there isn’t any software required, and you don’t have to attach anything to your phone, and most phones apparently get about a 2 bar boost in their signal strength. If you want one, and you can find one, they are going for $149 right now.

MOGO Wireless Portable Wireless Cellular Amplifier [via mobilewhack]

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