MoGo Talk XD iPhone 4 case has a built-in Bluetooth headset

If you are an iPhone 4 user that wants to have a Bluetooth headset with them at all times for the smartphone MoGo has a new offering that is cool and will protect the iPhone 4 at the same time. The new headset/case is called the MoGo Talk XD. The device is a case that protects the smartphone front and back and has a slot to hold the Bluetooth headset.

The Bluetooth headset itself folds flat then not in use and stores in a cut out on the back of the case so it is always within reach and accessible when you need it. The cool thing about the MoGo Talk XD is that it does so many things with one product by protecting the phone from drops and scratches as well as keeping your headset with you at all times rather than having that headset sitting in the car when you need it.

The headset uses MoGo SmartAudio technology for clear conversations and more. The headset also has SoundMonitor in-ear audio to provide a rich audio experience. The case will ship on September 1 at a price of $99.99 on the Mogo Store.