MoGo Mouse Hands-On

Newton Peripherals has assessed all the problems of a portable mouse and has come up with a simple solution for a new and improved portable laptop mouse. For any Road Warrior, keeping track of and finding batteries for a portable mouse are the two biggest known problems. Well, Newton Peripherals has the solution for you: the simple yet elegantly-designed MoGo Mouse.

The MoGo Mouse is a slim, business card size mouse that is designed for those who are always on the go. This slim device comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and operates on its own internal battery, eliminating all the hassles of stockpiling spare batteries for your mouse. A simple flip of the kickstand turns the device on and, after a one-time pairing procedure to tie the MoGo to a Bluetooth-enabled laptop, the mouse is ready to go. Users will immediately notice that the kickstand allows the mouse to fit better to the contour of one's hand, making the device feel more comfortable and natural. As you remember, I said that this mouse operates on its own internal battery. After enough usage, this mouse is going to have to charge itself, and does so not by plugging into a wall socket but by simply plugging into your laptop's PCMCIA card slot. This eliminates all battery problems and at the same time keeps the portable mouse from running away and getting lost.

After hearing about this amazing portable device, I had to see for myself if it was a worthwhile mouse or another worthless portable mouse that I might lose. I was able to get a hold of the MoGo Mouse, and I must say after getting it charged and paired up with my laptop, I was already impressed. After a few minutes with it, I was quite amazed at how comfortable it felt, and how smooth the navigation was. Thanks to the kickstand, the mouse sits at a perfect angle for my hand, giving me no problem to use the mouse for long periods of time. After long use, the mouse was low on battery so I simply closed the kickstand to turn it off, and stored it into my PC slot to charge. I am quite amazed with the idea of storing and charging the MoGo Mouse at the same time because it saves time on keeping spare batteries handy and searching for my mouse in my bags. While the MoGo mouse is a great for all users who are on the go, there is only one missing feature; a page scrolling function. A page scroll would be a nice for this portable device; however, because a page scroll would thicken the device immensely, it would not allow the business card size mouse to conveniently store into a PC slot. Hopefully Newton Peripherals will be able to take this great idea and integrate a page scroll to add to the convenience of this portable device at some point in the future.

The MoGo Mouse is a definite must for any Road Warrior who is looking for convenience from their portable mouse. Thanks to the internal battery and its ability to charge and store in a PC slot at the same time, spare batteries and annoying bag searches are finally over. Despite the lack of a page scroll, I still recommend this portable device to any Road Warrior who has a problem with their current portable mouse because it truly puts convenience back in a hectic life.

I hope that you'll enjoy this unboxing video of the Mogo Mouse.

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