Mods - Add an auxiliary input to your car stereo

I've come to learn that I hate car CD players. I probably just have horrible luck, but every time I go and drop some cash on a decent one it craps out on me after about six months. However, the very first one that I got back in 2001 still works to this day, which is what I currently have in my car. Unfortunately, it doesn't have an auxiliary input. Perhaps with this mod I can change that.

You'll need a car stereo that uses the PT2313L audio processor in order for this to work. You'll need a soldering iron and solder, some screwdrivers, an old set of earbud headphones and a 12V power source in order to pull off this mod.

In all, you'll need some pretty decent skills with a soldering iron to pull this off. Other than that, it's a pretty straightforward hack.

HOW TO – Adding auxiliary input to a car stereo [via make]