Modified Kia Sorento SUVs are ready to adventure

Kia has unveiled a pair of customized Sorento SUVs specifically designed to show the brand's focus on adventure, capability, and trail readiness. The first is the Sorento Yosemite that was intended to explore high elevation locations and mountain living. It's covered in a Pine Green matte finish with gloss and matte black accents.

Kia's other custom vehicle is the Sorento Zion Edition aimed at rolling over dunes in a desert landscape. It's painted in a Desert Sand finish with gloss black accents. The vehicles were customized by LGE-CTE Motorsports in California, and their names came from the outdoor environments found in the national parks around America.

Other than the colors and the landscapes that are meant to tackle, they have some common features. Both have custom fender flares on top of 20-inch wheels and 32-inch all-train tires. They're both equipped with body armor, including skid plates and brush guards in satin chrome finish. The Yosemite edition has a roof rack for packing gear, and the Zion Edition has a full-length cargo top.

The customized vehicles are built on the Sorento X-Line and feature 8.3-inch ride height with advanced all-wheel-drive and other new additions. Both vehicles were unveiled during Kia's virtual national dealer meeting this week. The automaker admits that most Sorento buyers will never customize their vehicles to this extent, but they wanted to show what could be done with their SUVs.

Kia is offering a range of post-installed and dealer-installed accessories for the Sorento. The goal is to give buyers the ability to customize the vehicle to fit their lifestyle and needs with roof rack cross bars, tow hitches, and sidesteps. Kia will begin shipping the 2021 Sorento this month.