Model S unofficial commercial catches Tesla Motors' attention

The Internet is no stranger to fan-made commercials, most of which pale in comparison to the unofficial Tesla Motors' commercial some recent graduates made. Using a relatively small budget and ample skills, the team made a commercial (available after the jump) blending the best of everyday life with big dreams to make the Model S look attractive.

The graduates are behind Everdream Pictures, an aptly-named startup in California that focuses on producing digital content. To expand the company's portfolio, the team decided to use the Tesla Model S as a focus, creating an unofficial commercial showing off the company's — and the team's — talent.

The commercial is as simple as it is spectacular, and teases some of Elon Musk's other ambitions, showcasing a boy using his imagination to play in space when he makes his way into the garage. Inside, the boy gets in his father's Model S and begins playing with the controls, and, giving a look into his imagination, the windshield transforms into a bright image of outer space.

It would seem the commercial has paid off, with Tesla Motors' having tweeted the trailer on its Twitter account, calling it "stunning". When asked if the company planned to hire the grads to produce some work, Elon Musk replied back, "Yes, I'm confident that Tesla will do something with them."

The trailer cost approximately $1500 to produce.

VIA: Business Insider