Mödek Finish CLUB Deluxe DJ Table Unveiled

Most people don't look at the DJ's table while they're at a party, but thanks to Spanish firm Mödek, that's probably about to change. As long as these start getting bought up, of course. Moving past the design concept stage, the Finish CLUB Deluxe DJ table is available right now, but as attractive pieces of tech usually are, this table isn't the one you'll want to look at if you're looking for a cheap option.

The Finish CLUB Deluxe DJ table is actually the first in a set that Mödek plans on creating for their DJ Furniture collection. The table itself is of glossy origin, and features vinyl exclusive decorations. The table itself is created from wood and MDF, and provided with a high gloss lacquer finish. The top cover is the same hue, to make it look flush and clean. As for the wires, you'll hide them within the table, running them through a connecting hole so you can plug in your equipment.

While the standard options are probably enough to get a DJ excited, the optional features make it all so much better. You can opt-in for optional laptop support, as well as LED RGB that are hidden within the holes thanks to brackets. And, if you've got yourself a logo, you can have it hanging there on the table, and outlined in LEDs thanks to more brackets. The Mödek Finish CLUB Deluxe DJ table is available right now, and it will run you €999, or about $1,300.

[via The Design Blog]