Modder builds custom anti-blur rig for DSLR

One of the things I really don't like about my Nikon D80 is that the lens that came with the kit has no image stabilization. All is fine and good if you are taking a photo where the shutter is fast, images have no blur at all in that case. If the setting is dark and the shutter takes a bit of time to get the light it needs to expose the pic things get blurry really fast for me.

I could just get a lens with image stabilization inside, but the blur isn't a big enough deal for me to pay the money a new lens would cost. A geek on Hack A Day has shown off a system that he made that will add image stabilization to your camera even if the lens and body don't support it.

The geek took an Arduino board, Bluetooth mode, 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and a trigger for the camera and cobbled it all together. The hardware uses a software algorithm to remove the image blur from your pics so they are nice and clear. The downside is that the system is cumbersome and apparently, you lose a bit of resolution when using the system. The extra camera sticking off the side of the DSLR is apparently only there for tweaking the algorithm.