ModBook OS X Tablet unboxing gallery

Chris Davies - Jan 10, 2007, 4:00pm CST

The Unofficial Apple Weblog have once again allowed their lust for Apple-esque hardware to tempt them, and have put up a whole gallery of the ModBook, a slate-format tablet computer that runs OS X.  Basically a dismantled-then-rebuilt-differently Apple notebook, it uses the the OS’s in-built Inkwell software for handwriting recognition, gesture control and pen functionality. 

A joint-collaboration with Axiotron and OWC, it also has an optional GPS module using the SiRFstar III chipset.  802.11g and Bluetooth wireless, iSight webcam and AnyView 13.3-inch widescreen display come as standard, with SuperDrive, RAM between 512MB and 2GB, and hard-drives between 60GB and 160GB are options, with prices starting at $2,199.


Product page [Axiotron ModBook]

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