Mod - Original Xbox put inside an old NES

I love my old NES. While its 8-bit graphics can't hold a candle to those of my PC or Xbox 360, I still hold a special place for it. It was my first console, and I spent countless hours playing games like Zelda and Metroid. It always excites me when I see a new mod featuring my favorite console of yore.

This latest mod puts an original Xbox inside the classic gray console. Of course, if you're going to mod an Xbox to fit it inside something like an NES, you're going to do a little extra work on it as well. This particular one was upgraded with an 80GB hard drive and an X2Lite Modchip.

This may not be one of the best-looking NES mods that I've seen, but it's still pretty cool. I'm really not sure why the video features the theme from James Bond. I guess it just makes it that much cooler.

xbox gets crammed inside an nes [via technabob]