Mod - Old A/V rack converted to HTPC

When most people decide to put an HTPC in their living room, they generally look for a case that is small, unobtrusive and fits in with everything else in your living room. Here's an HTPC case mod that only hits one out of those three.

There's no denying that this baby is big and obtrusive, but that's ok because it is sweet. I remember my dad having something like this when I was a kid. If I'm not mistaken there would have been a turntable where the monitor now sits.

This behemoth is decked-out about as well as you need for your basic HTPC. It's got an old Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB of RAM, 500GB of storage, a Hauppauge Dual TV Tuner and a 15-inch LCD screen. This is one crazy-cool looking setup!

Amazing Turntable Desktop PC Mod [via gearfuse]