Mod lets you play Fallout 4 as Dogmeat

I am a huge fan of Fallout 4, but the companions in the game leave a lot to be desired in my book. I find most of them to be more of a hindrance than a help, they always block doors or walk into my line of fire like morons. I've played mostly with Paladin Danse since he can actually fight if you need to. The problem is he isn't very stealthy leaving you basically unable to sneak up on people, especially if your power armor has the stealth boy mod. A new mod for the game has been unveiled, and it lets you play the game as one of the companions, specifically the cute and ferocious Dogmeat.

The mod is called the "Be the Dog mod" and lets you take to the wasteland as good ole Dogmeat. As you adventure in canine form, people will talk to the dog, befriend the dog, or shoot at the dog. You can't use weapons, which is too bad. If you are going to mod, give Dogmeat a pipe gun or a missile launcher or something.

What you do get is the ability to wear any dog armor you find and the ability to use bite attacks. What we really need is a mod for this mod that gives doggie power armor and an attack straight out of "Stand by Me" called "Sic Balls" or maybe the ability to turn your dog bum at someone as if you are saying "hello" only to have a bum flamer roast them.

Making the mod even cooler is that you can recruit Dogmeat as your companion and adventure as a doggie duo through the wasteland. Too bad you can't recruit other companions, having a dog commanding Danse would be awesome. Check out the video below and see the mod in action.

SOURCE: Kotaku