Mod - Hard drive clock

We see a lot of strange and geeky clocks around here. Most of them are just silly or cheesy. Ones that use PC parts generally just use them as a face with the regular clock mechanism ticking around it. Well this clock hack is certainly one of the most original, as it uses the platter and needle from the hard drive to tell you the time.

This old 5.25-inch hard drive has been recalibrated to run at a precise speed that matches the hours printed on the platter. Each turn of the platter marks an hour, while the "needle" marks your minutes.

Pretty much everything that went into this clock was taken from old recycled parts. The people that created this cool clock do give some instructions on how they made this, but unless you're quite gifted, I wouldn't try to attempt this one.

best hard disk clock ever [via technabob]