MOCAheart portable health sensor nestles in a phone case

Another smart health device has arrived, this one being a thin sensor device independent of pedometers, bracelets, and other typical designs used with fitness tech. Called MOCAheart, the sensor allows the user to check their vitals by pressing a couple fingers over the device, which itself can be fixed to the back of a smartphone using a case. Interestingly enough, the device can also detect hand tremors. As you'd expect, MOCAheart comes with a related app that displays and aggregates the health data.

MOCAheart measures users' heart rate, blood oxygen level, and the "MOCA Index", which shows if there has been a change in blood flow — the maker says the latter feature is "a qualitative indicator" in some way related to blood pressure. A heath status is shown via numbers and suggestions like "Normal, but elevated" or "Seek medical attention immediately".

The MOCA app also allows users to directly message close contacts with heath status info and personal messages. A long-term look at the health data is provided, and external data like weather, locations, and notes are also recorded. The sensor itself has a 7-day battery life, and is charged through micro USB.

MOCA has just surpassed its funding goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter, and it has 6 days left to go. You'll get one MOCAheart with a pledge of $119 USD, which is $50 off the eventual retail price. The cost will be $10 when shipping to Canada, and $15 for international shipping. Delivery is estimated for April.

SOURCE: Kickstarter