Mobvoi TicWatch Pro finally gets a 4G LTE version

Smartwatches are still pretty much seen as extensions of smartphones but, little by little, they are becoming independent smart devices in their own right. The first and most crucial requirement to make that happen is the ability to connect directly to the Internet without a smartphone. That comes via a 4G LTE connection which is exactly what the new Mobvoi TicWatch 4G/LTE brings to the table one year after the original launched.

You're not going to browse the Internet on your wrist (even if you technically could) but having its own Internet connection frees the TicWatch Pro up for functioning even if you leave the phone behind. It can get app updates, messages, and more even if you go for a run without your phone.

You can even receive calls, thanks to the Number Sharing feature that Verizon subscribers enjoy. They also get Cloud Sync to have even messages and notifications available on your wrist any time.

Aside from that 4G LTE connection and a slightly modified exterior, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE is pretty much the same TicWatch Pro with the dual display design. That's not the foldable type of dual display but a battery-friendly FSTN LCD on top of an AMOLED panel.

The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE is available for $299 but there's a $20 discount if you're fast enough. The slight catch is that Verizon subscribers will have to wait for a month before the 4G feature kicks in. In the meantime, all other features are available for new buyers to enjoy.