Moblic E7 WiMAX MID of mystery

One of the best things about MWC 2010 is that you can come across completely unexpected devices quite by accident.  Moblic were discretely showing off their E7 WiMAX MID, with a sliding form-factor, QWERTY keyboard, 4-inch WVGA touchscreen and gaming controls.  According to Carrypad, people at the booth didn't know too much about the MID itself – even the identity of the 600MHz processor is a mystery.

Still, confirmed specifications are 8GB of storage along with a microSD card slot, 256MB of RAM and a pretty considerable 2,000 mAh Li-Ion battery.  As well as WiMAX there's WiFi b/g support (though no sign of regular 3G connectivity), and Moblic reckon it's good for 2D/3D mobile gaming.

It's unclear whether Moblic have produced the E7 as a realistic sales prospect or more to show off the Sequans SQN1210 WiMAX SoC that it's based upon.  That means price, OS, availability and the like are all unknowns, but there's something about that form-factor that's appealing.