MobileMount+ lets you connect your smartphone to a tripod or accessories

If you're the sort of person who believes you can take all of your photos using your smartphone, you may have the need for connecting the device to a tripod. The new accessory has surfaced aimed specifically at iPhones, smartphones, and tablets called the MobileMount+. The mount is designed to allow you to mount your smart device to a variety surfaces and any camera accessory that supports 1/4 inch x 20 threads.

The mount system includes two suction cups and a threaded ball joint. The suction cups appear to be the same sort that GPS makers like TomTom use where you smash the suction cup to a surface and then turn a large knob to secure it. This mounting system can be used for all sorts of things other than photography.

The suction cups promise to be powerful enough to allow you to use them as a car mount or even as a tabletop kickstand for watching video or other content. To use the mount system to connect your smartphone or tablet to a tripod or other camera accessory, users can unscrew the ball from the suction cup and attach it to the accessory with the quarter inch thread pattern.

The design of the ball joint on the Mount allows users to adjust the mount to just about any angle they need to get the smartphone or other device into perfect position. The people behind the project hope to ship in July 2013 and the project is on Kickstarter right now seeking funding. The project wants $25,000 and so far has raised $2951.