MobileCrunch review the N800 web-tablet

As much as the kind, loving side of me (it's only a minor part, don't fret) is tempted to feel sorry for Oliver over at MobileCrunch, who was prevented by NDA from spilling all on the Nokia N800 prior to its official launch, the knowledge that he's been using it every day for the past month or so means I'm just not able to be sympathetic.  Still, I'll happily link to his most excellent review.


Of interest both to those new to web-tablets and owners of Nokia's first attempt at the niche, the 770, Oliver gives a balanced view that makes obvious the time he's spent with the N800.  And while I'm still jealous as hell, phrases like this do make me feel a little better:

"And hopefully, [when I'm testing the next N-Series device], Nokia won't keep me gagged behind an NDA while someone that has a buddy at CompUSA gets the scoop on a device that hasn't even been charged while I read that blog post from my hard used prototype"

Next time, Oliver, next time!

MobileCrunch [via John Tokash]